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Incentive Scheme Management

Manufacturing organizations periodically launch various promotional schemes, targeted at customers or dealers at the regional, national and international levels. Using configurable rules, an incentive scheme management system enables manufacturers to offer rewards in various forms that help generate demand for select products.

Based on our industry knowledge and experience in the incentive schemes management area, we have developed a framework that helps manufacturers set up a new scheme quickly and generate rewards outlay to various dealers, after processing the scheme in a click of a button.

Principal features of Dealer Schemes Management solution are:

Scheme Setup:

  • Scheme can be set up for a Duration, Geography, Product Set etc.
  • Can be a Growth scheme, point-based etc.
  • Qualification can be applicable for the Scheme or Set of Products
  • Select Products from different groups / levels
  • Specify Contribution of a set of products
  • List of Billing Types Applicable (e.g. exclude sales return.)
  • Define credit day limit at Dealer category / club level
  • Set Required Billing spread
  • Set Points for product / set of products for point based scheme
  • Multiple Bonus periods with eligibility and bonus point
  • Reward can be defined at Scheme level, Product , Slab and Contribution
  • Various rules can be set along with different types of rewards like Credit note, gifts etc.

Scheme Approval:

  • Approve after scheme setup is complete
  • Email / SMS sent to Sales Team along with Scheme Doc
  • An approved scheme cannot be modified
  • Option to un-approve a scheme

Scheme Processing:

  • Single Click processing of rewards for a scheme
  • Processing for proposed as well as confirmed rewards
  • Can be processed on Ad-hoc basis

Scheme Report:

  • Display Eligibility dealers with their sales performance along with reward details
  • Can Check Proposed as well as Confirmed Eligibility based on the payment terms
  • Redemption of rewards integrated with ERP system like SAP


  • Master data, Sales transactions etc. are integrated with standard ERP like SAP.

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